The Oakland County Training Center provides on-line documentation for the County's standard software products such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. This documentation provides detailed instructions for students requiring assistance with specific software procedures. ​

Microsoft Windows is the Oakland County operating system standard.  Windows creates the working environment for your personal computer.  This type of software is the most important software that runs on the personal computer.  The operating system provides instructions that enable the computer to:

  • Interpret keyboard and mouse input.
  • Display information on the computer's monitor.
  • Store and retrieve information from the disk drives.
  • Control a printer.
  • Work with other hardware components attached to the computer.

Microsoft Office is the Oakland County standard for implementing a variety of computer tasks (word processing, electronic spreadsheet, database, presentation, and electronic mail). It includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each application serves a different purpose and is compatible with other applications in the suite.

Documentation for Windows and the above Microsoft Office applications can be found in the Service Center Knowledge Base.

The IT Service Center is also available for Oakland County employees needing additional support.