Support & Training

Oakland County Enterprise GIS offers instructor-led training for representatives from a County agency or a local unit of government.

All classes are conducted in the Oakland County Information Technology Training Rooms. Each classroom is equipped with 16 workstations, giving students the opportunity for practical experience. Small class size ensures students have the chance to ask questions and receive individual attention.

Many free web-based Esri training classes are available to Oakland County departments or local units of government when you use your Oakland County ArcGIS Online login. If you see a "lock" icon on the training classes, that means you need to log in with your ArcGIS Online account. Contact the Oakland County Service Center if you are still unable to launch the locked classes. If you are just interested in ArcGIS Online training, here's a training plan to specific AGO classes that will get you up and running!

​GIS/CAMS Office Hours

GIS Office Hours are available to County, RCOC, and Oakland County City/Village/Township staff for assistance with specific GIS workflows. Once we receive your request, we will pair you up with an appropriate person on our side who can sit with you in a training room for a morning or afternoon and dive deeper into your question than a typical Service Center incident might allow.


  • Creating an ArcGIS Online Story Map
  • Editing in the CAMS GIS Database
  • Collecting GIS data on a mobile device
  • Using Maps for Office to make a map from a spreadsheet
  • Design a new data layer
  • And many more!


Please complete this form in as much detail as possible to request Office Hours.