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Information & Publications - ​​Project Documents

​Project Documents include RFPs, project plans, implementation plans and other documents related to individual projects such as road centerlines, orthophotography, etc.

Collaborative Asset Management System (CAMS)

The Collaborative Asset Management System (CAMS) is a new vision for providing customer service in Oakland County’s public works community.  It is a standardized, countywide infrastructure (water, sewer, storm and roads) management system that will allow Oakland County and its local governments to proactively manage assets and mitigate longterm costs associated with the operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure.
The Fact Sheet and Management Presentation summarize the goals and benefits of the Collaborative Asset Management System.

Parks and Recreation Technology Roadmap

The Parks and Recreation Technology Roadmap is a strategy that leverages Oakland County technology strategies and facilitates development and use of information technology solutions in the Parks and Recreation Department. The components of this plan enable successful technology implementation and promote longterm sustainability. As implementation continues, more detailed projects (defined objectives, budget, and timelines) will be scoped to guide the implementation of specific technology initiatives outlined in the roadmap.

Oakland County Animal Control (OCAC)

Oakland County Animal Control (OCAC) is streamlining the Annual Pet Census with an ArcGIS Mobile solution that will reduce manual data entry and provide real-time access to census results.  OCAC needs basic map navigation and a data entry system that allows field crews to quickly move and accurately enter pet census information results. Instead of being sent out with paper maps and log sheets, inspectors will have mobile devices to conduct door-to-door inspections. 
The pilot program received a NACo Achievement Award and was documented in an ESRI Case Study

Property Gateway

Property Gateway (formerly Access Oakland) provides citizens and businesses access to information, tools and services that helps them live, work, play and prosper in Oakland County, Michigan. Property Gateway provides access to online public records for a fee, such as county land record information including aerial photography, parcel characteristics, current and historical tax data, and others.  Property Gateway provides (1) access to all land products via a single parcel or address search; (2) a map centric view of parcel characteristics similar to Google and Microsoft; and (3) a seamless interactive version of the current Map Atlas Viewer. 

FEMA Cooperating Technical Partners

In 2002, Oakland County entered into a Cooperating Technical Partnership (CTP) Agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with a goal to work together to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date flood hazard data for the County. This partnership resulted in new Digital Flood Elevation Maps (DFIRMs) for the entire county that have an effective date of September 26, 2009. To view the new maps, please visit the Oakland County Property Gateway and click the Display FEMA - DFRIM Map link after searching for an address or PIN.

Other Projects

Contact Oakland County GIS for further information on these and other GIS projects and initiatives.