Enterprise GIS Awards

Enterprise GIS Awards

Oakland County's Enterprise GIS projects have received the following awards: 


/assets/images/awards/naco2.gif 2011 - NACo Achievement Awards:

  • E-Health Mobile: Allows users to take geographic information systems into the field to collect and update data in real time to speed up permitting and inspections
  • Parks Network Expansion: Expands the county OakNet network to remote areas of Oakland County Parks
  • Services Registration: A web-based services registration portal to allow residents to sign up for a variety of health-related services.

/assets/images/awards/naco2.gif 2010 - NACo Achievement Awards:

  • Personal Property eFile: Allows businesses to submit personal property statements online
  • Health and Human Services Communication Portal: Improves communications between county schools, hospitals, physicians and the Oakland County Health Division

/assets/images/awards/naco2.gif 2009 - NACo Achievement Awards: