​The Oakland County Enterprise GIS is a multi-faceted program that supports and promotes coordinated "location-based" data development and access across jurisdictional and departmental boundaries.

It exemplifies the definition of an "enterprise system" through a series of coordinated information gathering and sharing activities conducted by more than 10 County agencies and 62 local cities, villages or townships (CVTs).

The County-funded program actively assists the local CVTs with GIS development through data and technology sharing. Furthermore, the enterprise GIS program is positioned to support every "location-based" data set and business function that is part of an Oakland County department or local CVT.

At the heart of Oakland County's enterprise GIS implementation is a central service group called GIS/Application Services. GIS/Application Services performs GIS services on behalf of the entire enterprise and coordinates the efforts of diverse agencies and cities, villages and townships (CVTs).

GIS/Application Services serves as a core group of service-oriented individuals dedicated to providing expertise, support and assistance to participating agencies and the general public. With a focus on providing GIS services, GIS/Application Services is an enabling organization that establishes technical standards through consensus and facilitates GIS education through "technology transfer."

It serves as a leader in advancing the automation and modernization of land administration practices and leveraging existing "location-based" projects to maximize their use across participating agencies and CVTs. In addition to being a mechanism to improve "location-based" data management, GIS/Application Services facilitates strategic decision-making and leverages existing GIS expertise in one or more participating organizations. 

Within the County, GIS/Application Services is currently working with the following agencies:
Apart from the county agencies, GIS/Application Services also works with GIS representatives from 62 local cities, villages, and townships in Oakland County.