Our Work

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a unit of Oakland County's Department of Information Technology.

Our GIS program was featured as a part of the 2017 Esri International User Conference.

The mission of Oakland County's GIS is to provide a progressive, location-based solution that promotes informed decision making, improves citizen services, and encourages collaboration across all levels of government. Our objectives are to:

GIS/Application Services serves as a core group of service-oriented individuals dedicated to providing expertise, support and assistance to participating agencies and the general public. With a focus on providing GIS services, GIS/Application Services is an enabling organization that establishes technical standards through consensus and facilitates GIS education through "technology transfer."

It serves as a leader in advancing the automation and modernization of land administration practices and leveraging existing "location-based" projects to maximize their use across participating agencies, cities, villages, and townships (CVTs). In addition to being a mechanism to improve "location-based" data management, GIS/Application Services facilitates strategic decision-making and leverages existing GIS expertise in one or more participating organizations.