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The GeoVision Assessment was created to provide government agencies with a simple way to evaluate the current state of their GIS technology at a high level. The self-assessment results can be used to discuss new GIS uses with staff, prioritize next steps, and monitor progress.  We invite you to take the GeoVision Assessment for yourself. For the latest version of the GeoVision Assessment, please visit

GIS Expansion Starter Kit

Starting a new GIS program in your community? Or maybe it's time to grow your existing GIS program? Download the GIS Expansion Starter Kit today to find tips and tricks for taking your GIS program to the next level. Included with the kit is information on how and why to:

  • Create a mission statement
  • Facilitate a GIS roadshow and start a conversation about GIS
  • Assess the state of your GIS program, and track your progress
  • Create marketing materials to promote the use of your GIS

This Stater Kit is intended to help you create a repeatable process to identify new opportunities for incorporating spatial technology into more efficient business workflows and more informed decision making in your community.

GIS Expansion Starter Kit is available at no cost to all local governments. Just create a free account on to download. You will find GeoVision Assessment in the Solutions section and the Starter Kit in the Best Practices section at