Please see the Overview document that describe Oakland County's participation in this program. At a high level:

  • If you are on the County's BSA Assessing system, there were options for the County to submit information on your behalf.
  • If you are NOT on the County's BSA Assessing system, any new construction addresses needed to be submitted directly to the U.S. Census Bureau in the fall of 2019. 

The County submitted our New Construction address list of 2,848 new residential addresses (including 2 new group quarters) to the Census Bureau in mid-October, 2019. This included all CVTs who are on the County's BSA Assessing system. 

2020 Census Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)

The purpose of this program is to improve the accuracy and completeness of the Census Bureau's address list.  With each decennial census Oakland County participates in the LUCA Program on behalf of the local city, villages and townships (CVTs) within the County to prevent duplication of effort. The County took the lead for submitting address for interested CVTs as part of the 2020 LUCA program. The following communications were sent to the CVTs before the data review began:

LUCA Results

In the summer of 2018, Oakland County completed our LUCA review, and submitted the results back the US Census Bureau. With the local CVTs' help, we were able to identify the addition of more than 23,000 new addresses among the nearly 60,000 updates! In addition, we added 263 group quarters designations! More detailed results are below.

Overall ActionCountsPercentage
No changes (Not Verified)66,26811.32%
No changes (Verified)460,56278.67%

Once the Census Bureau reviews our submission, they will provide feedback (likely summer, 2019). If the feedback requires any further clarification from the local CVTs, we will reach back out at that time.

Boundary Annexation Survey (BAS)

Oakland County collaborates with its local communities to participate in several U.S. Census Bureau programs.  These initiatives are important because they help ensure accurate maps and address data for U.S. Census Bureau activities. The Boundary Annexation Survey (BAS) is performed on annual basis to update the US Census information such as legal boundaries, names, and governmental status. Changes based on the BAS program are reflected in the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line product. Currently, the County supplies the  State of Michigan with updated boundary information, which they submit to the Census Bureau on our behalf.

GIS Steering Committee

Oakland County GIS team hosts this forum to give the opportunity for local GIS professionals and users to come together and collaborate on GIS knowledge and experiences.

The GIS Steering Committee is held every quarter at the Oakland County Executive Building Conference Center. Any GIS professionals are welcome to attend. Meeting dates are posted on the Events section of our home page. If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings, please send an email to


Is a standardized, countywide infrastructure (water, sewer, storm and roads) management system that allows Oakland County and its local governments to proactively manage assets and mitigate long-term costs associated with the operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

State of Michigan Regional Asset Management Pilot

Oakland County is participating in the State of Michigan Asset Management Pilot program for the SEMCOG region.