Products & Services

Products & Services

eGovernment provides a variety of support and consulting services to the departments, units and agencies of Oakland County.  eGovernment facilitates the interaction among various stakeholders of the county. It continuously evaluates its performance and goals through interaction and feedback.  As projects are identified, eGovernment manages implementation.

eGovernment provides assistance to those areas of Oakland County with websites, including graphics rendering, optimizing and creating. Photography and other imaging requirements are also provided as a service to the website.

E-Commerce/Online Bill Payment
Be able to take payments online from your customers through Oakland County's own enterprise payment application.

Email Subscription Service
Available to Oakland County departments, cities, villages, and townships; allow your customers to sign-up to receive email news & updates you send from your office.

Editorial/Content Maintenance
eGovernment reviews and updates common areas of the Oakland County website, such as the About section, home page features, etc. It also provides support and consulting to departments regarding new website and web content.

eGovernment provides copywriting, editing and proofreading, online newsletters, presentations and more. 

Multimedia Development & Hosting
Let our in-house team help you create your own viral multimedia messaging through videos, podcasts, photogalleries, instructional media, presentations and more.

Social Media
Ready to jump into social media?  You'll need tools and resources to help you get started, be successful and take your communications and marketing to the next level.

Standards & Guidelines/Operating Procedures
eGovernment evaluates and implements standards related to eGovernment projects and applications. An online Web Standards Guide is available to all Oakland County content managers and application developers. Standards include content, graphics, application and identity guidelines.

Statistical Reporting & Analysis
eGovernment provides statistical information (usage reports) for each service area within the Oakland County website.

Through the Oakland County Service Center, the eGovernment team is available to answer questions and help website content managers through any problems or issues they may be having.

eGovernment makes SharePoint (Content Management System) training available to all eligible departmental employees (content managers). Training includes a half-day session with a reference manual and training workbooks handed out to each participant. Other communication services provided include the publication of White Papers, Case Studies, Fact Sheets, and other information related to documenting Oakland County eGovernment.

Website Application Development
eGovernment provides consulting and hands-on site development services to eligible departments and units of Oakland County, as well as the development of global (all-County) applications that will enhance online service delivery (commerce applications, etc.).​​​