Webinar: Best Practices in Government-to-Citizen Communications
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Webinar: Best Practices in Government-to-Citizen Communications

February 9, 2010

Phil BertoliniOakland County has made its mission to "increase efficiency and reduce costs of government operations from the inside while providing better, faster access to government services from the outside."  As citizens' expectations increase, local governments are struggling with budget cuts and fewer resources.

The challenge then is to improve citizen satisfaction and provide better services using cost-effective tools.  Oakland County's eGovernment team launched GovDelivery's Email and Digital Subscription Management solution.  This service allows the County to proactively communicate new information to website visitors and citizens who sign up.

Since launching the GovDelivery communication solution, Oakland County has found some unique uses for the system that really demonstrate the power of GovDelivery and achieved impressive results. 

The following are additional resources related to the February 9, 2010 Webinar presented by Oakland County CIO/Deputy County Executive Phil Bertolini.

Phil Bertolini on YouTube Discussing: