Radio System Training


Program provides a high level, short presentation on radio concepts - particularly since the OakWIN system is unlike most other radio systems used in the past.  


This phase of training involves the following modules:

Overview-policy - An overview of the system and the basic policies (law enforcement or fire) that have been developed for the use of the system.

Portable equipment - Provides a demonstration and hands on training in the use of the P-7200 portable radio.

Mobile/control station equipment - Provides a demonstration and hand on training in the use of the M-7200 mobile and M-803 control station radios.

Scenarios/application - Provides training for discipline (law enforcement/fire/EMS) specific scenarios that illustrate common operational scenarios.

PSAP operation - Specific training for telecommunicators including overview, console operation, and scenarios applications.

Advanced User Training

This module provides training for:

VTAC (vehicular tactical repeater) Operations - Provides training and hands on practice in the operation and application of the VTAC.