Mugshot Training

Training classes are for CLEMIS members only.

Who Should Attend:

Investigators, Detectives, and Corrections staff

Presentation Media:

  • Student Mugshot manual
  • Software Demonstration
  • Hands-on training with a standardized CLEMIS Mugshot device


Upon completion of this training, the student will be capable of operating the CLEMIS Mugshot System pursuant to CLEMIS and State standards.

This training focuses on all aspects of mugshot image record creation process. Various components of this training include:

The application is divided into two components. The booking station image capture station component, in which arrestee's image and data is recorded. And, the investigators desktop application used in the creation of line-ups, witness sessions, facial recognition, and importing of images from external sources. The second component is accessible from the investigator's desktop, but can also be accessed via the internet to a PC, smartphone, or tablet when configured to accept a CJIS required pin-code sent to the user's cell phone. A user name and password is required by CJIS in order to access the site. It is this latter application that will be available in the patrol units and via the Blackberry handheld devices in the near future.

Depending on rank or authority, there are two types of training offered:

Items covered in the Booking and Investigator training:
  • The image and data capture process using the Arrest, Suspect, Employee and Applicant databases.
  • How to query the image and databases using a combination of variables.
  • Creation of line-ups and witness sessions.
  • Forms and reports.
  • How to use the facial recognition functionality to search for data on third party images.
  • An introduction to the web component of the application.
  • How to import images from external sources into the application and export images to .jpg format.
  • How to use the disguises tool.
Local Administrator training will cover the following topics:
  • An in depth analysis of the CLEMIS Mugshot application and the Arrest, Suspect, Employee, and Applicant databases that have been created within the application.
  • Creation of user profiles and passwords within the system.
  • Training in various tools to monitor image and data quality.
  • "Forms" training to create agency specific custom forms.
  • Liaison with CLEMIS staff on support matters.