Oakland County, Michigan/Information Technology/CLEMIS/Training/Live Scan Criminal Record Building Training

Live Scan Criminal Record Building Training

These Training classes are for CLEMIS members only.

Who Should Attend:

Patrol Officers, Detectives, Records Personnel and Corrections staff

Presentation Media:

  • Student Live Scan manual
  • Power Point presentation
  • Hands on demonstration with a standardized Live Scan device (the software used on this Live Scan unit is identical to that used by each agency)


Upon completion of this training, the student will be capable of operating the Live Scan unit pursuant to State standards.

This training focuses on all aspects of "Live Scan" fingerprint record creation process. Various components of this training include:
  • The Live Scan unit and its interaction with the County, State CCH system and the FBI’s I.A.F.I.S system
  • Detailed explanation of each Live Scan criminal record processing option
  • Mandatory data entry requirements
  • Agency interaction with the Prosecutor’s Information Management system (P.I.M.S.)
  • Supplemental arrest reporting and Criminal History updates
  • Rules for local record retention

Depending on the needs of an agency, additional classes can be scheduled.