Programs & Services

Participating members receive software, training, support,  and Wide Area Network connectivity.

In addition, membership includes the following applications tailored for police records, officers, investigators, dispatchers, administrators, and others in...

Printable List of CLEMIS Services.pdf

Hardware and network maintained by CLEMIS:

  • High-speed digital network (WAN) with automatic ISDN backup
  • Multiple LEIN communication lines
  • CAD Tandem fault-tolerant server with RAID
  • High availability servers with RAID for Records Management Servers, CAD & Records Report Writing/Statistics Servers, CLEMIS Justice Database (for network wide searches), LEIN Servers and Mobile Communications Server

CLEMIS operates from a secure facility with a controlled-environment computer room (with power conditioning, UPS and long-term backup power generation). It also provides real-time, off-site emergency backup servers.