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Technical Systems & Networking

​The Technical Systems and Networking Division of the Department of Information Technology is comprised of the following Operational Units:

  • Database Administration
  • Server Administration
  • Network Services
  • Technical Operations
  • Workstation Services
  • Telephone Communications

This Division performs the following major functions:

  • County-wide network management, including monitoring, security, configuration and troubleshooting activities.
  • Deploying the OAKNet - a fiber optic network connecting the County with cities, villages and townships to better coordinate data and video communications.
  • File, print, application and mail server management, including security administration, operating system upgrade and maintenance, capacity planning, anti-virus scanning and monitoring.
  • Legacy application management.
  • New technology and system research and development.
  • Establish standard development platforms and methodologies, including such areas as mainframe and PC application development; database creation, design and naming; application product selection; and standard software suites and applications.
  • Administration of application databases and the associated database access software, including the security administration, performance tuning, database design, database review and monitoring.
  • Disaster recovery, data protection and data recovery.
  • Production operation support of 24 hour, 365 day online and batch services.
  • Setup, scheduling, processing, and quality assurance for production batch services.
  • Workstation, workstation software, workstation peripheral configuration, maintenance, delivery, and problem resolution.
  • Hardware, software, supplies, equipment and forms inventory management.
  • Traditional telephone services, pager services, pay phones and cellular phone services, having its own private branch exchange (PBX) system telephone switch allowing for reduced costs for operations, including toll charges.