Retirement Plans

​​​​​​​​​​Learn about all the investment options available in the Oakland County Retirement System. We have included documentation to answer various questions related to Oakland County Deferred compensation plan.​​

Part-Time No​n-Eligible

Defined Contribution(DC)​​

DC Plan Document

401(a) At A Glance

401(a) At A Glance - Public Safety


General Employees    
Hired Before 7/1/1994* (Conversion)11%5%
Hired On/After 7/1/1994*8%3%
Deputy Sheriffs    
Hired Before 5/27/1995 (Conversion)12%5%
Hired On/After 5/27/1995 BU 99%3%
Hired On/After 5/27/1995 BU 1010%3%
Sheriff Command Officers    
Hired Before 5/27/1995 (Conversion)12%5%
 Hired On/After 5/27/1995   10%  6%
You are in the Defined Contribution Plan administered by Prudential Retirement. You can access your account information by phone at 833-OAK-GOV1 (833-625-4681) or via the website at . These are set retirement plans and no additional before-tax monies can be contributed.
You may contribute  up to an additional 10% of your wages out of your paycheck on an after-tax basis to this account. You can begin, end or change the amount of your after-tax contributions on a bi-weekly basis. This may be accomplished by calling Prudential or visiting ​.
The vested portion of the money contributed to this plan by the County and your before-tax contributions are available to you at the time you separate from employment or via the loan provision of the plan. The money you contribute after tax (if you choose to do so) can be withdrawn once each calendar year.
 You may invest the money you contribute and the money the County contributes in a variety of investment opti​ons​​​​​.  Please visit to view/change your investment options.  To view the 2021 4th quarter fund performance, please check 4th Quarter Fund Performance.pdf.
 You gain ownership (“vest”) in the money the County contributes according to the following schedule:  

Yrs of Service Completed

% Vested











For example, if you were to leave County employment after 5 years of service, you would be paid all of the money in the fund(s) that held your contributions and 80% of the money in the fund(s) that held the County contributions.

*Some bargaining units may differ.

​Defined  Benefit(DB)

DB Plan Document​ 

Employees hired before January 1, 1994

Benefit Eligibility Amount
Sheriffs Deputies25 years of service regardless of age, or age 60 with 8 years of service2.2% of final average compensation (FAC) times the first 14 years of service plus 2.5% of FAC for each additional year.
Command Officers25 years of service regardless of age, or age 60 with 8 years of serviceTotal service times 2.5% of FAC.
All OthersAge 55 with 25 years of service, or age 60 with 8 years.Total service times 2.0% of FAC. (2.2% for years in excess of 14 for contributing members). Plan B employees – total services times 1.8% of FAC. (1.98 for years in excess of 14 for contributing members). Maximum County Portion is 75% of FAC. Type of final average compensation - Highest 5 consecutive years out of the last 10. Some lump sums are included. Sheriffs Deputies hired after 12/31/92 and Command Officers hired after6/1/94 overtime pay is excluded from FAC.
DEFERRED RETIREMENT8 years of service - benefit begins at age 60. 25 years of service - benefit begins at age 55Computed as a regular retirement but based upon service and final average compensation at termination date.
NON-DUTY DEATH IN SERVICE10 years of service.Computed as a regular retirement but actuarially reduced in accordance with a 100% joint and survivor election (50% joint and survivor benefit if less than 15 years of service and under age 60).
DUTY DEATH IN SERVICENo age or service requirements.Upon termination of Workers Compensation, a benefit equal to the Workers Compensation benefit is payable to the spouse, children under age 18 and dependent parents.
NON-DUTY DISABILITY10 years of service.Computed as a regular retirement.
DUTY DISABILITYNo age or service requirement.Computed as a regular retirement with additional service credited until attainment of age 60. Workers Compensation payments are offset.
COST-OF-LIVING ADJUSTMENTS Annual increase based upon change in CPI, not in excess of 1-1/2% of base benefit.
Sheriffs Deputies 3% of annual earnings for the first 14 years of service and 5% thereafter
Command Officers 5% of annual earnings.
All Others 1% upon completion of 14 years of services for employees that elected the 2.2% or 1.98%.
COUNTY CONTRIBUTIONS Actuarially determined amounts, which, together with member contributions, are sufficient to cover value of future benefits during the expected future working lifetimes of present members.
COVERAGE The System was closed to new hires effective at various dates during 1994 and 1995.​