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Health Care Schedule​​

RHS - New Hire General Employees

RHS - New Hire Command Law Enforcement Services

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Empower Disclosure

Part-Time Non-Eligibl​e​​ Employees do not receive healthcare. 

Chiropractor FAQ

Important Information Regarding Chiropractic Services and Medical Coverage 

The Human Resources Department has been notified by Oakland County insurance carriers that some chiropractors have been providing services to Oakland County employees, retirees and dependents that are not covered by Oakland County’s medical plans and have been billing services incorrectly.  Oakland County’s medical coverage has not changed, rather this information was discovered after an investigation from insurance carriers, ASR and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Medic​​al​​​ | Medicare​ | Prescription​ | Dental​ | Visi​on​

Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage

Healthcare Comparison Chart​ - Option Comparisons for Non-Medicare Retirees

ASR - 800-968-2449

BCBS - 877-790-2583

HAP - 800-422-4641

Medicare Supplemental Coverage

Overview of Benefits - Trustmark - At age 65 or sooner, due to disa​bility, Medicare becomes the primary coverage and the County provided coverage becomes supplemental. 

Notice: Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Trustmark - 800-999-0114

Prescription Benefit Manager​​​

www.Navitus.com​– Your link to your Prescription Benefit Manager.  Call 866-333-2757

Navitus Pharmacy Benefit Book

Direct Member Reimbursement Form–  needed to submit for reimbursement

Drug Formular​y – Please click here to see the most up-to-date drug formulary from Navitus​

NoviXus Mail-Order Enrollment Forms

www.NoviXus.com – Your link to the NoviXus website.  Call 877-668-4987

What you will need to enroll or order a new prescription (Effective April 1, 2011)

NoviXus Mail Order Pharmacy FAQ's (Effective Ap​ril 1, 2011)​

Dental Coverage ​​

Dental S​ummary - Standard Coverage for both Medicare and Non-Medicare Retirees

Delta Dental Toolkit To allow you (the subscriber) to access detailed information on your dental coverage.

Delta Dental - 800-524-0149

Vision Coverage

Visi​on Summary​ - Standard Coverage for both Medicare and Non-Medicare Retirees

NVA (National Vision Administrators) - Effective January 1, 2017 for all Employees and Retirees​​

NVA - 800-672-7723

​Summary of Benefits (SBC)

Effective January 2013 the Federal Government requires employers to provide a Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) for all plans in an exact format as listed below. This is not a contract or guarantee of coverage.

S​BC - Trustmark Medicare Supplemental Plan​


SBC - BlueCross BlueShield PP02


SBC - BlueCross BlueShield Traditional Plan

SBC - Health A​lliance Pl​an​​

Plan Documents

Trustmark Medicare Supplemental Plan Document

ASR PPO1 Plan Document

ASR PPO3 Plan Document

​Required Notices

Non-Discrimination Notice