Health Care Schedule


Oakland County offers retiree health care coverage to eligible employees hired before 01/01/06. See the Retiree Health Care Schedu​le for more details.  

Employees hired after 01/01/06 and those employees that converted from VEBA, receive a Retirement Health Savings Account (RHS) - Schedule D. ​

Health Care Schedules

Oakland County currently has 4 Retiree Health Care Schedules (A,B,C,D):

View the full version of the Retiree Health Care Elig​​ibility Schedule docume​nt​.​

Oakland County currently has 4 Retiree Health Care Schedules (A,B,C,D):
View the full version of the Ret​iree Health Care Eligibility Schedule document.
Schedule AHired prior to 09/21/85
Schedule BHired on or after 09/21/85 and before 01/01/95
Schedule CHired on or after 01/01/95 and before 01/01/06
Sch​edule D*Retiree Health Savings (RHS) Account if hired on or after 01/01/06 *
 *Dates may vary by bargaining unit.​​

Retiree Health Care Eligibility

Once you have attained the required years of service and age, you are eligible for health coverage as a retiree from Oakland County. The eligibility is dependent upon your date of hire as an eligible for benefits employee. The schedule on the following pages applies to non-represented employees. If you are represented by a bargaining unit, the dates may vary and you are encouraged to contact the Retirement Unit to determine which schedule applies to you. In all cases, except as specified differently by some Sheriff bargaining agreements, you must have met the requirements specified on the following pages and be at least age 60 with 8 years of service or age 55 with 25 years of service for coverage to commence.

At age 65 or sooner if you or your dependents become eligible for Medicare due to a disability, Medicare becomes the primary coverage and the coverage available through the County becomes secondary. Standard dental coverage and standard vision coverage is also available to retirees.


Employees hired prior to September 21, 1985 are eligible for full family health coverage at retirement. Age 60 with 8 years of service or Age 55 with 25 years of service.  


Employees hired on or after September 21, 1985 and before January 1, 1995. Dates may vary by bargaining unit.​

Total Actual Service 
With Oakland County
 Paid Health Coverage
 Direct RetirementDeferred Retirement
Less than 8 yearsNoneNone
8 – 14 yearsOne Person*None
15 – 19 yearsFamilyOne Person*
20 years or moreFamilyFamily
​*Retiree has the option to pay the difference for a family policy.  

Employees hired on or after January 1, 1995 and before January 1,
2006. Dates may vary by bargaining unit.​
At Completion of:Percentage of Retiree Paid
Up to 15 Years0% (No Care** Coverage)
15 Years60%
16 Years64%
17 Years68%
18 Years72%
19 Years76%
20 Years80%
21 Years84%
22 Years88%
23 Years92%
24 Years96%
25 Years or more100%
**This is the percentage the County would pay toward a Single person or Family plan, depending on the plan the employee was enrolled in at the time of retirement. The employee would be responsible for the difference between this amount and the current full cost of their health plan, plus any deductibles or co-pays.​​

Employees hired on or after January 1, 2006 (dates may vary by Bargaining Unit) will not be eligible for retiree health, dental or vision coverage through the Oakland County. A Retirement Health Savings (RHS) account will be set up for full-time benefits eligible employees at a contribution amount of $75** per pay (**Some bargaining units may differ). Please refer to the Retiree Health Care Schedule for vesting.