Protective Services Careers
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Protective Services Careers

Oakland County is committed to providing a safe environment for its citizens-safety and security is a priority to us. It's why we're here-so there is someone to turn to for assistance in times of crisis. By focusing on finding the most qualified and capable individuals to fill these important roles, we are able to make a difference in someone's life-one step at a time.

Pursuit of Excellence

Outstanding protective services workers are critical members of the Oakland County team. Our approach to creating a world-class area to live, work and play-and be safe-allows for us to demand the best, and provide the best, to our protective services team.

Building Your Career

Protective Services professionals have a wide range of options at Oakland County, including assignments in:

  • Animal Control
  • Court Services and Investigation
  • Building Safety
  • Fire Safety and Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Marine Safety and Mechanics
  • Medical Examiner's Office
  • Parks Deputy
  • Tax Collection
  • Prosecutor's Office
Protective Services positions can be an excellent career at Oakland County. You can begin with challenging assignments that match your skills and interests...and take your career practically anywhere you want to go.