Office and Clerical Careers
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Office and Clerical Careers

Oakland County Office/Clerical staff provides focused individual and organizational capabilities that will enable us to thrive. We are continuously striving to attract and develop talented people who play such a key role in shaping our organization of the future.

Pursuit of Excellence

By cultivating our Office/Clerical talent pool, we help people build better lives while helping our institution grow and prosper for the community we serve.

Building Your Career

Office/Clerical staff at Oakland County can create personalized careers that include assignments supporting various parts of the business. Sometimes our Office Clerical employees have opportunities to work on cross-functional job assignments, allowing them to learn other parts of the business first-hand. We offer a variety of roles, including:

  • Administrative and Project Support Specialists
  • Records Coordinators and Supervisors
  • Child Support Accounts Maintenance and Children's Village Intake Clerks
  • Court Accounts Clerks, Coordinators and Case Assistants
  • General Clerical
  • Judicial and Legal Secretaries
  • Office Leaders, Clerks and Supervisors
  • Production Control Analysts and Typists
  • Receptionists and Secretaries
  • Storekeepers and Cashiers
  • Typists
Your work at Oakland County in our Office/Clerical team can also lead practically anywhere you want to go here. We count on you to keep us moving ahead-you can count on us to keep you satisfied.