Job Applicant FAQ

Job Applicant FAQ

​​​​​Listed below are questions related to applying for a job. If you do not find your question answered below, please contact us at
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I can't remember my User Name and Password. What can I do?,

If you entered an email address in your profile you can click on "Login Help" on the Careers page and request that your User Name or Password be sent to your email address.  If you do not have an email address in your profile, you will need to create a new User Name and Password and recreate your application.

How do I access job applications?,

You can access Oakland County job applications from any computer that has internet access.  We recommend using Internet Explorer. Visit the Oakland County home page ( ) and click on the jobs link - then apply for jobs link. Many places have computers available for public use such as libraries and community employment offices.  Computers are available in the Oakland County Human Resources lobby and our Staff will be available to assist you.

How can I view more information about one of the job titles listed?,

Click on the job title for a full description of the position duties and qualifications.  To apply for that job, click the "Apply Now " button on the posting.

When I try to access the application, I get an error message.,

Please clear your cache and try again.  If you are still experiencing issues, try back again later or email and provide details of the error message you are receiving. To clear cache files, select Tools from your browser window, then Internet Options. Click on Delete Cookies, then Delete Files and select OK.

How often are jobs posted?,

New jobs are posted weekly.  Visit the web site often to see new jobs posted.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?,

No. You may not select multiple positions at once.  However, you may apply for one job at a time, multiple times.  The same application information will be submitted for each position unless you edit your data.  Be sure to answer each of the questionnaire questions for every job to which you apply.

Can I attach a resume and a cover letter to my application?,

Attachments are not accepted. However, you may copy and paste your resume and/or cover letter text from a Word document. They must be all one document.  Please include your name and position you are applying for in the document title.

Can I just submit a resume to apply or do I need to also complete an application?,

To officially apply to an Oakland County position, you must complete an Oakland County application for each position.  Incomplete applications may be rejected.

Will you consider my application for other positions that are available at Oakland County?,

You will only be considered for the position for which you submit an application.  If you would like to be considered for other available positions, you must complete and submit your application for each position before the closing date.

Do I have to fill out all portions of the application?,

Yes.  In order to receive full consideration you need to completely fill out each section of the application. Incomplete applications may be rejected. See  Tip Sheet or Applicant Tutorial for help with application.

When is my application due?,

All applications must be submitted via online or in person no later than the closing date for the position. Mailed applications must be postmarked on or before the closing date. Applications received or postmarked after the closing date will not be considered. 

Some examinations are "open continuous," meaning official Oakland County Merit System employment applications will be taken until further notice and no deadline has been set.  Examinations are announced continuously when it is unknown how long it will take to obtain a sufficient number of applications. In this case, applications may be accepted until the job has been filled and then a closing notice will be posted for seven calendar days.
Jobs experiencing frequent turnover also necessitate leaving an examination open to accept applications continuously. Other examinations have a closing date on the posting, which means there is a deadline for submitting applications. This procedure is followed when it is certain that a sufficient number of applications will be received within a specified time. It is important to note this information when applying in order to submit your official application before the deadline. In either case, it is in your best interest to submit application materials promptly.

What does Open Continuous mean?,

If an application deadline reads "Open Continuous," Human Resources is accepting applications until a sufficient number have been accepted, passed the tests, and placed on the certified eligible list for the hiring department's review.

Will my application be processed without my official transcripts?,

Your application will be processed but your name will be placed on hold and not be certified to the hiring department until we have received and reviewed your official transcripts.

How do I get Human Resources my official transcripts?,

Please request your official transcripts from your university to be directly sent to:

     Oakland County Human Resources, Dept 440
     2100 Pontiac Lake Road, Bldg 41 West
     Waterford, Michigan 48328

Will you accept a photo copy of my official transcripts?,

No, copies of any kind will not be accepted.  You must have your original official transcripts sent from your university directly to the Oakland County Human Resources Department.

Can I print my application?,

No, the online application system does not have a printing option.  Once you have created your applicant profile, your employment history and educational history will be saved.  This information will be available to you for each position you apply for and will not have to be re-entered. To view your information, simply log into your profile using your user name and password. Go to My Career Tools and select the application you wish to view.

What happens to my application once it is submitted?,

The information you have provided on your official application will be reviewed to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications as specified on the examination announcement. Notices are mailed to all applicants indicating the acceptance or rejection of their application. If accepted, you will be notified of the type of test to be administered and the date, location and time it will be held. If you completed a Training & Experience Questionnaire as part of your application, then you will be notified of your test score also. If not accepted, you will be notified of the reason for rejection.

How do I know that you have received my application?,

Once you submit your application and agree to the conditions of employment you will receive a message on your screen that states you have successfully submitted your application, as well as a confirmation email (if you have provided an email address). The application will then be viewable from My Career Tools page.

If you have not provided us an email address you may view your submitted applications in your applicant profile.

How long after I apply might I be notified that my application was accepted or called for an interview?,

The time varies depending on the department conducting the hiring but it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks after the receipt of your application to test applicants and establish an eligible list. The hiring department will notify applicants directly for interviews after they receive the eligible list.

Does Oakland County accept paper applications?,

We strongly recommend that you apply for jobs online. Computer stations are available for searching and applying for jobs at the Human Resources Department, Executive Office Building #41 West.  Human Resources Staff are available to assist you.  Paper applications will be made available to those who cannot use a Personal Computer.

Who should I contact for specific questions not listed here?,

Please call the job hotline at 248/858-0530 or email See Tip Sheet or Applicant Tutorial for help with application.