Registration Information

Registration Information

Organization Billing Registration

A one-time Organizational Billing Registration Form must be received prior to individual enrollment requests.  This form will serve as billing authorization and will be used for all employees within your organization.  This information can be faxed to HR Training at 248-858-5526.  If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Melva Allen at or 248-858-0018. 

Course Registration

Once an organization has provided authorization for payment of courses, individual employees may enroll in instructor-led and/or computer-based training.

Click here to enroll in Instructor-Led Courses

Click here to enroll in Computer-Based Courses 

Registration Approval

It is the responsibility of the employee requesting training to inform their supervisor of training dates and costs.  We are unable to confirm authorization for payment of each course session prior to individual enrollments. 

Cancellation Procedures

You can review cancellation policies and procedures here. 

Reporting Information

A status report of individual training completions accompanies each monthly invoice.  Organizations can request status reports of training completions if needed by contacting Melva Allen at or 248-858-0018.