Competency Models

​A competency model is a set of skills and behaviors identified to be critical for effective job performance. When used to guide individual work behavior and/or professional development, competency models can be instrumental in achieving professional success. Working toward competency development enhances overall knowledge, skills and abilities.

Oakland County's HR Training programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals at all levels of an organization. All of our courses map to one of two competency models: the general employee competency model or the supervisory competency model. Each competency model was developed specifically for public sector employees, and outlines the specific skills and behaviors required to enhance performance and foster an environment of excellence in public service. Use the links on the left to explore our supervisory and general employee courses.

While the models are very similar at a high level, there are some differences in both competency definitions as well as the key behaviors of each model. The models are designed to be a framework that guides professional development and complement one another as an individual advances in their career path.

Success does not just happen. You have to make it happen. For that you need a plan for success, a desire to succeed and self-discipline. Oakland County is committed to providing you ​with the tools you need to develop your potential and to plan your career. You can use the following tools to help you develop and improve your skills, abilities and work performance.

Use this individual development planning tool to identify work behaviors which are strengths and targeted areas of development. Identify action steps that will allow you to leverage your strengths and develop other areas. Outline a time frame and specify outcome measures. Monitor your progress and celebrate your successes!​