Types of Training


A survey was conducted in the spring of 2007 to collect information from the Cities, Villages and Townships within Oakland County regarding the skill need and interest in participating in Oakland County HR Training courses.  Feedback from local municipalities on this survey indicated that there is indeed an interest in combining training efforts towards employee development. Beginning in 2008, we started offering 21 of our classroom based training courses to employees of Cities, Villages and Townships within Oakland County.  Please refer to the Course Information page for details on our HR Training employee development opportunities.

​Training Offered

  • Computer-Based Training
  • Supervisory Development
  • Employee Development             

If you are interested in software or application training, please contact our IT Training Center​.

​The mission of HR Training is to enhance employee effectiveness by identifying and improving organizational and individual competencies that foster an environment of excellence in public service.  Our objectives are to help you develop your employees' existing strengths or gain new skills. ​