Career Paths

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your Future Is Here!

Your career at Oakland County can begin in any number of places...and take you practically anywhere you want to go. We have a wide variety of careers and a practice of promoting from within.  Oakland County is dedicated to providing advancement opportunities for its employees. Check out our opportunities and types of careers we offer.

Entr​y Level Jobs

For those who have completed High School and are ready to start a career, we offer entry level positions that are posted at least once a year.  Look for postings with the titles of Office Assistant I, General Clerical, General Helper, Maintenance Laborer, Animal Shelter Attendant, Autopsy Attendant and Youth Specialist I.  Many of our employees start in entry level positions and once they gain experience or education are offered promotions to higher level positions.  Use our Tuition Reimbursement Program to obtain the education you need to move up in your career.

For those who have completed college we have careers in Criminal Justice including Law Enforcement, Corrections Deputy, Probation Officer, Community Corrections, Youth and Family Casework, Business Analyst, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Purchasing, Property Appraiser (Equalization), Public and Environmental Health, and Civil Engineer.


​For those who have completed some college or a certificate program or training we have careers for you.  Look for postings that include "Trainee" in the title or Skilled Maintenance, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, Painter, Boiler Operator, Pump Maintenance, Electronics Technician, Sewage Treatment Operator, Law Enforcement, Information Technology, Automobile Mechanic, Radio Technician, GIS/CAD Technicians, Groundskeepers, Paralegal, Library Technician, Secretarial, Technical Assistant, Public Health Technician, Animal Control Officer, and Dispatchers.

Mid-Career - Professional/Technical

For those with experience and education we offer careers in the fields of Psychology, Social Work, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Information Technology, Civil Engineer, Medical Technologist, Nursing, Human Resources, Purchasing, Business Development, Programmer, Systems Analyst, Attorney, IT Business Analyst, Security Specialist, Nutritionist, Public Health Educator, Veteran's Counselor, and Property Appraiser (Equalization).


There are opportunities for managerial levels including first line supervisor, mid-level supervisor, Chief of large employee groups, Administrator, Manager and Director.  The County provides training and leadership development to prepare our employees for management roles.