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EPIC Hearing Discount Program

A Hearing Discount Program is now available to all employees, retirees, and their dependents. The program will be administered through EPIC Hearing Healthcare. This program provides discounts for hearing exams and hearing aids. 

How it works:

1) The member (employees, retirees, and/or their dependents) contacts EPIC Hearing Healthcare call center at 866-956-5400 to register and receive a referral to a local participating provider. 

2) After the member is seen, the provider sends hearing aid recommendation with member's audiometric results to EPIC.

3) If a hearing aid is necessary, EPIC authorizes the order and submits the forms to the provider. 

4) The provider orders the hearing aid(s) and fits the member with the aid(s).

5) The member pays the discounted cost directly to EPIC. 

6) After a trial period, the member and provider sign off on the hearing aid(s). 

To learn more about the EPIC Hearing Aid Discount Program, see the provided PDFs and FAQ.

EPIC Program Information & Discount Card

EPIC ListenHear/LiveWell Flyer 

EPIC Informational Flyer ‚Äč

EPIC Informational Postcard