Student Program

Student Program

"Serving the Needs of Oakland County Citizens"

Program Purpose, Goals & Objectives

1. Provide a positive learning atmosphere to students.
2. Nurture and develop a knowledgeable, skilled, and diverse workforce.
3. Expose Students to employees with a positive work ethic. 

Employability Skills Students Should be Prepared to Develop

1. Technical Skills (use of office equipment)
2. Punctuality (arriving to work on time)
3. Self-motivation (ask for work to do)
4. Ability to follow directions
5. Supervisory interaction (timely notification of absence; ask for assignments)
6. Co-worker interaction (positive attitude; team concept towards assignments)
7. Personal appearance appropriate to a professional office.
8. Time management skills (wise use of time, finishing tasks within timeframe)
9. Sense of responsibility to employer

** High School students who are at least age 16 and College Students are eligible to apply for the Student position.  The position is generally posted in late August.  Applications are accepted until an adequate number are received.

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