College Internships

College Internships

College students available for part-time work are encouraged to apply for a paid College Intern position. Students interested in an internship experience with Oakland County should go to our Jobs website and complete an employment application.   This position is generally posted in late August.  Applications are accepted until an adequate number are received.

Oakland County government encourages the placement of college interns at a variety of sites and locations. An intern is a college student who wishes to receive academic credit or experience in their chosen field. They receive professional training on a part-time basis.  Academic as well as some paid internship opportunities are available at Oakland County during all semesters of the year. 

Successful interns bring self-motivation to the job and look for ways to be helpful as they apply their classroom training to a workplace environment. The minimum qualifications for College Interns include:

  • Current enrollment in an accredited college or university to be classified as a freshman or sophomore status with less than 56 credit hours completed (equates to base step of salary range).
  • Current enrollment in an accredited college or university and completion of 56 semester credit hours to be classified as junior/senior status (equates to one year step of salary range).

  • Current enrollment in an accredited college or university in a graduate degree program (equates to two year step of salary range).

What an Intern could learn from this experience:

  • General knowledge of County government
  • Experience interacting in a professional office environment
  • Specific exposure to areas within college major

Applications will be sent to the hiring departments who may contact you when an opening occurs. View the College Intern Job Description for more information.

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Summer Jobs

Students who are only available to work or intern during the summer months may be interested in the Summer Job Program at Oakland County. Specific summer jobs are generally 40 hours per week for a period of 13 weeks.

NOTE:  We are currently accepting applications from 02/08/16 - 02/22/16 for summer positions.