Officials and Administrators
Oakland County, MichiganHuman ResourcesOfficials and Administrators

Officials and Administrators

Job Families

Alphabetical listing of classifications within the job family of :Officials and Administrators

Administrator-Children's Village Program Team
Administrator-Children's Village Intake Team
Administrator-Environmental Health Services
Administrator-Parks and Recreation Administrative Services
Administrator-Parks and Recreation Operations
Administrator-Personal and Preventative Health Services
Administrator-PH Administrative Services
Business Manager-Sheriff Department
Caseflow Coordinator
Caseflow/Alternative Dispute Resolution Supervisor
Chief Airport Maintenance and Operations
Chief Appeals
Chief Architectural Maintenance & Services
Chief Assistant Friend of Court Legal Services
Chief Assistant Friend of Court Operations
Chief Auditing
Chief Automation Alley
Chief Building Safety
Chief Casework Services
Chief Child Support Accounting & Banking
Chief Children's Village Operations
Chief Circuit Court
Chief Clinical Services
Chief Community and Home Improvement
Chief Community Corrections Field Operations
Chief Corrections Program Services
Chief Court Operations/Judicial Assistant
Chief Custodial Services
Chief Deputy County Clerk
Chief Deputy Register of Deeds
Chief Design and Development
Chief District Court
Chief Emergency Management
Chief Environmental Health Activities
Chief Equalization
Chief Equalization Field Services
Chief Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Chief Family Support
Chief Fiscal Services
Chief Forensic Pathologist
Chief Golf
Chief Health Div Medical Services
Chief Heating Plant
Chief Internal Services
Chief Juvenile Justice
Chief Juvenile/Adoption Services
Chief Landscape Services
Chief Microfilm/Reproduction Services
Chief of Nursing Services
Chief Park Operations
Chief Probate Estates and Mental Health
Chief Prosecutor Administration
Chief Public Health Administrative Services
Chief Public Health Clinical and Special Programs
Chief Public Health Field Nursing
Chief Purchasing
Chief Recreation
Chief Reimbursement
Chief Support Services
Chief Tax Administration
Chief Technical Services
Chief Technical Systems
Chief Youth Assistance Services
Court Business Administrator
Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist
Deputy Prosecutor Warrants and Investigations
Director-Library Services
District Court Administrator
Drainage District Insurance Administrator
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
Executive Officer Parks and Recreation
First Assistant Corporation Counsel
Manager-Animal Control
Manager-Application Services
Manager-Aviation and Transportation
Manager-Children's Village
Manager-Community and Home Improvement
Manager-Community Corrections
Manager-Court Services
Manager-EGovernment Services
Manager-Employee Relations/EEO
Manager-Engineering & Construction
Manager-Facilities Engineering
Manager-Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Manager-Fiscal Services
Manager-Health Division
Manager-Human Resources
Manager-Judicial Support/Judicial Assistant
Manager-Medical Care Facility
Manager-Operations & Maintenance
Manager-Planning and Economic Development Services
Manager-Reimbursement Division
Manager-Solid Waste Resource Management
Manager-Support Services
Manager-Tech Systems and Networking
Manager-Veteran's Services
Manager-Workforce Development
Medical Examiner Administrator
Sheriff's Corrections Administrator
Supervisor-Employee Benefits
Supervisor-Human Resources
Supervisor-Land Description and Mapping
Supervisor-Organizational Development & Training


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