Employee Training Opportunities
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Employee Training Opportunities

Our primary focus in HR Training & Development is employee development. Employee development is a critical part of achieving Oakland County's mission, vision and strategic goals. Our goal is to develop and retain Oakland County's most treasured asset - people - to achieve excellence and enhance performance in an effort to foster an environment of excellence in public service. Our training and development programs are designed to meet the development needs of employees at all levels of the organization.

Employees are encouraged to discuss the various development opportunities with their supervisor and, whenever possible, take advantage of the employee development training opportunities offered that can further develop existing strengths or gain skill in a growth area.

Employee Development opportunities include: 

  • General Employee Development - Training offered to all employees on interpersonal, collaboration and self-management skills.

  • Supervisory Development - Training for supervisors (or those individuals in a leadership role) on interpersonal, leadership and managerial/supervisory skills.

  • Computer-Based Training - Web-based training tool that offers numerous courses accessed from the convenience of your desktop computer at your own pace.

  • Team Building Opportunities - Training programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of intact teams.

  • Department Specific Training - Customized training developed to meet the specific needs of individual departments.

  • Tuition Reimbursement - Designed to help employees further their educational qualifications and professional development in subjects and fields directly related to County operations, activities, objectives, and which will improve your job performance.

  • In-Service Training - Designed to help departments increase their employee's job capabilities, professional skills and develop careers with Oakland County. In-Service Training funds are used to provide on and off-site training programs and/or training related materials (not currently available through the HR Training & Development Unit) that are directly related to the job or improved job performance, through the use of consultants or outside organizations.

  • Learning Tools - Three Developmental Resource Guides are available to help employees and their supervisor guide the employee's professional development: the General Employee Developmental Resource Guide, the Supervisory Developmental Resource Guide, and the Leadership Developmental Resource Guide.  Each guide has detailed information on their associated competency models and key actions, along with suggested developmental activities and resources for development.

If you have questions or would like further information about any of the programs and services we offer contact us by phone at (248) 858-0018 or by e-mail at allenmc@oakgov.com