Employee Inclement Weather Policy & Emergency Locations
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Employee Inclement Weather Policy & Emergency Locations

2014 Inclement Weather.pdf2014 Inclement Weather.pdf

TO: Elected Officials, Department Heads and Division Managers
FROM: Nancy Scarlet, Director of Human Resources
DATE: December 9, 2014

SUBJECT: Inclement Weather Policy Reminder

The County has a vested interest in the safety and well being of all its employees and to provide services to the citizens. Many County services become more critical during poor weather conditions. There are also significant costs that occur as the result of a closing. For these reasons, it is the general policy that Oakland County does NOT close for inclement weather conditions. (This includes all satellite office locations.)

Merit Rule 15.4, which follows, addresses this issue


15.4.1 Only the County Executive shall have the authority to excuse employees early from their shifts, with pay, because of dangerous or inclement weather. Individual department heads shall not have this opportunity.

15.4.2 Only the County Executive shall have the authority to give time off with pay because employees may have been prevented from getting to work because of dangerous or inclement weather. In such cases, the following rule shall apply: All employees on the same shift at the affected work locations shall be treated alike. Those required to work and who are able to get to work shall receive double pay for the normal shift and 2-1/2 pay for overtime worked under such circumstances.

Each elected official and department head should designate which employees/classifications are required to report to work if an inclement weather period is declared by the County Executive.

As previously stated, the general policy of the County of Oakland is that the County does NOT close for inclement weather conditions. Employees are expected to make every reasonable effort to maintain regular work schedules.

During winter months when snow and ice often reduce travel speed, employees are responsible to plan ahead and leave for work earlier than usual. However, when weather conditions are particularly severe, and an inclement weather day has NOT been declared, supervisors may use some discretion regarding punctuality. Under these circumstances, liberal leave procedures should be followed for non-designated employees to allow them, based on weather conditions where they reside, to use leave banks to remain home for the day. Employees who choose to remain home or who are unable to report to work for the day will be required to use their leave banks.

If the County Executive determines to declare an Inclement Weather period, it will be announced on local radio and TV stations, the County�s main telephone information line and on the County�s web page. Attached for your convenience is the County�s emergency phone number distribution list. In the event the County Executive declares an Inclement Weather Day, information will be recorded and available to employees who call the telephone number for their building. If you have questions concerning this policy, please contact Lori Taylor, Manager Human Resources at 858-0548 or Kristy Slosson, Supervisor Employee Records at 858-5352.


2014 Emergency Locations.pdf



Office Information/Desk Number





Emergency - "D" Building

248/858-1001 "D" Building 24 East

Emergency - Admin Annex I

248/975-9849 Administrative Annex I 47 West

Emergency - Admin Annex II

248/858-1001 Administrative Annex II 18 East

Emergency - Central Garage 16E

248/858-1001 Central Garage 16 East

Emergency - Central Services

248/858-1001 Central Services   20 East

Emergency - Children Village A

248/975-9849 Children Village Building A A-65 West

Emergency - Children Village B

248/975-9849 Children Village Building B B-71 West

Emergency - Children Village C

248/975-9849 Children Village Building C C-73 West

Emergency - Children Village D

248/975-9849 Children Village Building D D-77 West

Emergency - Children Village G

248/975-9849 Children Village Building G G-81 West

Emergency - Children Village H

248/975-9849 Children Village Building H H-83 West

Emergency - Children Village J

248/975-9849 Children Village Building J J-63 West

Emergency - Children Village K

248/975-9849 Children Village Building K K-85 West

Emergency - Courthouse 12 E

248/975-9512 Courthouse Building 12 East 12 East

Emergency - Courthouse 14 East

248/975-9512 Courthouse West Wing Extension 14 East

Emergency - Executive Off Bldg

248/975-9849 Executive Office Building 41 West

Emergency - Health

248/858-1001 Health - Building 36 East 36 East

Emergency - Information Tech

248/975-9849 Information Technology 49 West

Emergency - Jail 10 East

248/858-1001 Jail - Building 10 East 10 East

Emergency - Little Oaks

248/858-1001 Little Oaks - Building 30 East 30 East

Emergency - Materials Mgt

248/975-9849 Materials Management  

Emergency - Medical Care 

248/858-1001 Medical Care - Building 32 East 32 East

Emergency - Medical Examiner

 248/858-1001 Medical Examiner - Building 28 East 28 East

Emergency - North Office Bldg

 248/858-1001 North Office Building - 26 East  26 East

Emergency - Oak Pointe 230

248/975-9849 Oak Pointe 230 - Building 006 006

Emergency - Oak Pointe 250

248/975-9849 Oak Pointe 250 - Building 008 008

Emergency - Parks & Rec

248/975-9849 Parks & Rec 97 West

Emergency - Powerhouse 

248/858-1001 Powerhouse - Building 22 East 22 East

Emergency - Public Works 

248/975-9849 Public Works   95 West

Emergency - Sheriff Admin 

248/858-1001 Sheriff Admin - Building 38 East

Emergency - Sheriff East Annex

248/858-1001 East Annex - Building 8 East 8 East

Emergency - Wave Pool

248/975-9849 Wave Pool  
Emergency - All Other Buildings 248/452-2288 Includes all Off Campus Buildings  

Emergency - Children Village Sc


Children Village School Building     


Emergency - N Oak Health Center 248/858-1001 

North Oakland Health Center - Building 34E

34 East