Proposed & Completed Projects
Oakland County, MichiganHistorical CommissionProposed & Completed Projects

Proposed & Completed Projects

Proposed Projects
  • Write and produce a brochure regarding a short history of Oakland County.
  • Create a booklet containing names of resource tradesmen having the skills needed for the renovation of historic properties.
  • Publish a newsletter containing news from local historical societies, genealogical societies, and other groups.
  • Co-sponsor a "muster" to be held at one of Oakland County's parks. This would be sponsored by the OCHC and the Society for the Preservation Motorized Fire Trucks from Oakland County. It would likely be a summer event.
  • Produce a graphic presentation for governmental and other interested groups on the history of Oakland County.
  • Continue to display, in the courthouse lobby, vehicles relating to the history of the automobile in Oakland County.
  • Create a resource guide for historical information as it exists now at the county level and possibly the state level. (Example: Oakland County Records Retention and Land & Tract Index)
  • Plan and publish a survey of historical sites in Oakland County brochure.
  • Host a settler picnic event to be held honoring the descendants of pioneer families in Oakland County.
  • Use educational agendas, awards programs, and the Oakland County Web site to further the mission of the OCHC.

Completed Projects
  • Worked on identification of historic resources in Oakland County for inclusion in the Oakland County Historical Map. Copies of the Planning Commission map were cut up into townships and communities for their help in identifying historical resources. (1990)
  • Photographed the 1825 Orange Risdon map for use as resource material. This material will be place in the Oakland County Executive Building Library and made available to the general public. (1992)
  • Created a list of historical societies, museums and public libraries as a mailing list/resource for the OCHC when needed. This list will be continually updated.(1993)
  • Copied the Robinson/Frye collection of photos (c.1880-1930) of county buildings; commercial, public and residential - to be placed at various locations throughout the county. (1993)
  • Collected locally written books on the histories of various communities within Oakland County. These books will be donated to the new Research Library at the Oakland County courthouse enabling the public to do research at a central location. (1994)
  • Donated a copy of the Hess map (1857), and early map of Oakland County to the County Research Library. The map was photographed with each county section placed on a page. (1994)
  • Restored the bell from the previous Pontiac Courthouse tower, and made arrangements for its display near the new North entrance to the current courthouse. This was done as part of the observance of the 175th anniversary of the establishment of Oakland County and the 90th anniversary of the bell. (1995)
  • Cosponsored with the Oakland County Cultural Affairs Office, the 100th Automobile Anniversary Event by arranging to have on display a 1909 Oakland automobile in the new courthouse lobby. The OCHC played a most important role in acquiring the Oakland car for this display. (1996-1997)
  • Worked on the Historic Resources Map for Oakland County to assist in verifying the accuracy of what is on the map. This information was passed on to Russ Lewis. (1998)