Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Services (EHS) unit administers a number of programs and services to help protect health through the promotion of environmentally sound practices. Specifically, EHS:

  • Licenses and inspects food service establishments, investigates foodborne illness outbreaks and conducts food safety education classes
  • Issues permits for on-site sewage disposal systems and evaluates subdivisions and condominium developments
  • Provides Indoor air information including lead, radon and asbestos
  • Issues permits for on-site water systems, licenses public swimming pools and conducts water testing for drinking, swimming pools, and public beaches
  • Inspects day care centers, foster homes, group homes, and campgrounds
  • Issues permits for body art practitioners
  • Inspects and conducts safety classes for food service establishments
  • Evaluates rodent and insect complaints
  • Investigates radiological contamination
  • Investigates infectious diseases outbreaks
Download the Oakland County Sanitary Code Article III (Approved August 2016)

To File a Complaint

Please call or email: 248-858-1312 (Pontiac), 248-424-7190 (Southfield), health@oakgov.com.

To File an Illness Complaint

Please call or email.  Note that illness complaints require completion of an illness intake questionnaire, including a three day food history. 248-858-1286 (Communicable Disease Unit), OCHDIllnessComplaints@oakgov.com

Online Services

We encourage the use of Google Chrome for online Environmental Health applications and services. Please allow pop-ups.

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