Well and Water Services

The Oakland County Health Division wants to remind private well owners about the importance of water quality. Unlike public water supplies, your well is not tested regularly for contaminants. The responsibility for testing lies with the well owner. Even though you may feel protected from some of the recent issues plaguing public water supplies, you may not be aware of issues that can occur with your well. The only way to assure safe drinking water is by testing.

The Oakland County Health Division has water sample bottles available for detection of bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite, Chloride, Fluoride, and Sulfate. It is recommended that you sample for bacteria, nitrate and nitrite annually. As of July 23, 2018, the Health Division lab can test for lead, copper, and arsenic. Bottles for these tests can be purchased at Health Division Offices.

There are additional tests that you can collect to help ensure the safety of your water supply. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Lab has multiple tests available, including arsenic and lead. Link here to be directed to the website: Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Analysis. State Lab bottles are available by calling the State Lab at 517-335-8184 to order test bottles. Call the Health Division Offices for more information about what you can test for. Depending on your location or specific drinking water concerns, there are other tests that may be recommended.

The Environmental Services Unit provides the following water protection services:

  • Inspect and issue permits for Type II & Type III water wells
  • Monitor public swimming pools, public bathing and numerous private beaches
Oakland County Health Division now offers on-line services for septic applications, well applications and restaurant license renewals on the Oakland County Services page payable by credit card. An Enhanced Access Fee will be charged to your account for using this website service. This fee is for the purpose of maintaining and updating the website and will be displayed prior to checkout.

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