Food Safety

Important information regarding Food Service Facility operations and response to COVID-19:

The Food Safety Program provides a number of services to ensure the proper handling and distribution of food served to the general public. This includes:

  • Conducting inspections of restaurants, festival food booths, and mobile food vehicles
  • Conducting investigations of food-borne illness complaints and outbreaks
  • Providing Food Safety Education

2021/2022 Food Service Licensing Fees

  • Fixed Location: 0 - 24 Seats                                           $298.00
  • Fixed Location: 25 - 99 Seats                                         $350.00
  • Fixed Location: 100+ Seats                                            $402.00
  • Fixed Multiple                                                                    $88.00
  • Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU)                            $155.00
  • Commissaries                                                                  $298.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Cold Truck)                    $118.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Steam Truck)                 $140.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Hot Truck)                      $162.00

Food service licenses expire on April 30th. All licensing renewals must be received by April 30th, 2021to avoid late fees.

A licensed fixed food service facility may have multiple areas that require an inspection. Inspection fees for these designated multiple areas are due at time of licensing.

To File a Complaint

Please call or email: 248-858-1312 (Pontiac), 248-424-7190 (Southfield),

To File an Illness Complaint

Please call or email.  Note that illness complaints require completion of an illness intake questionnaire, including a three day food history. 248-858-1286 (Communicable Disease Unit),

Food News & Views

Visit the Food News & Views section to read about topics of interest to food service managers and employees.

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