Food Safety

Important information regarding Food Service Facility operations and response to COVID-19:

The Food Safety Program provides a number of services to ensure the proper handling and distribution of food served to the general public. This includes:

  • Conducting inspections of restaurants, festival food booths, and mobile food vehicles
  • Conducting investigations of food-borne illness complaints and outbreaks
  • Providing Food Safety Education

Food Service License renewal late fees will be waived until 60 days after the declared state of emergency ends.

Current executive orders extend food service licenses 60 days after the declared state of emergency ends. Oakland County late fees will be assessed for facilities that have not renewed prior to the expiration date. Please check the current executive orders or contact our offices regarding licensing renewal deadlines.

In addition, Special Transitory Food Units that were unable to receive two paid inspections due to event cancellations may renew without documentation of the two paid inspections.

2020/2021 Food Service Licensing Fees

  • Fixed Location: 0 - 24 Seats                                           $298.00
  • Fixed Location: 25 - 99 Seats                                         $350.00
  • Fixed Location: 100+ Seats                                            $402.00
  • Fixed Multiple                                                                    $88.00
  • Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU)                            $155.00
  • Commissaries                                                                  $298.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Cold Truck)                    $118.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Steam Truck)                 $140.00
  • Mobile Food Establishment (Hot Truck)                      $162.00

A licensed fixed food service facility may have multiple areas that require an inspection. Inspection fees for these designated multiple areas are due at time of licensing.

To File a Complaint

Please call or email: 248-858-1312 (Pontiac), 248-424-7190 (Southfield),

To File an Illness Complaint

Please call or email.  Note that illness complaints require completion of an illness intake questionnaire, including a three day food history. 248-858-1286 (Communicable Disease Unit),

Food News & Views

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