Environmental Health

Oakland County Health Division is making all services available online.   

In addition to applications and renewals, citizens can now purchase water bottles online and they will be sent to your home.  To avoid contact and ensure social distancing, Oakland County Health Division staff will pick-up your samples at the curb during normal business hours.  When you arrive to drop off your sample, please call 248-858-1312 to have someone come out to your vehicle.  To purchase water bottles online please go to the following link: https://www01.oakgov.com/ServicesReg/Services/Registration.aspx

The Environmental Health Services (EHS) unit administers a number of programs and services to help protect health through the promotion of environmentally sound practices. Specifically, EHS:

  • Licenses and inspects food service establishments, investigates foodborne illness outbreaks and conducts food safety education classes
  • Issues permits for on-site sewage disposal systems and evaluates subdivisions and condominium developments
  • Provides Indoor air information including Lead, Radon and Asbestos
  • Issues permits for on-site water systems, licenses public swimming pools and conducts water testing for drinking, swimming pools, and public beaches
  • Inspects day care centers, foster homes, group homes, and campgrounds
  • Issues permits for body art practitioners
  • Inspects and conducts safety classes for food service establishments
  • Evaluates rodent and insect complaints
  • Investigates radiological contamination
  • Investigates infectious diseases outbreaks
Download the Oakland County Sanitary Code Article III (Approved August 2016)

To File a Complaint

Please call or email: 248-858-1312 (Pontiac), 248-424-7190 (Southfield), health@oakgov.com.

To File an Illness Complaint

Please call or email.  Note that illness complaints require completion of an illness intake questionnaire, including a three day food history. 248-858-1286 (Communicable Disease Unit), OCHDIllnessComplaints@oakgov.com


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