The Oakland County Health Division Beach Monitoring Program for 2022 began on June 6th and concluded August 12th. The County monitored 101 beaches on 68 different lakes.

The water collection and beach surveying are conducted by environmental health students hired by the County for summer internships. Water at each of the beaches is tested on a weekly basis, measuring for an indicator bacteria, E. coli. As an indicator, if E. coli is present, other, more harmful and harder to detect organisms could be present.

Monitored beaches are to meet the one day standard of 300 colonies per 100 milliliters of water AND the 30 day geometric average standard of 130 colonies per 100 milliliters. If a beach does not meet the water quality standard, it will be closed until satisfactory samples are obtained.

2022 Beach List
2022 Currently Closed Beaches
2022 Historically Closed Beaches

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