Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases

​​​​​​​​The Communicable Disease Unit investigates, detects, and prevents communicable disease outbreaks while working with community partners for educational outreach.

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Reporting a Communicable Disease After Hours,

To report a communicable disease concern such as patient evaluation seen after hours in the emergency department or urgent care clinic, or citizens with questions regarding a possible rabies exposure or other serious communicable disease concerns after hours or on the weekend, call 248-858-0931 and ask for the administrator on call.

Animal Bites,

The Communicable Disease Unit works with local Animal Control agencies to ensure that either the animal(s) and/or human(s) involved with an animal bite incident were not exposed to rabies.

Animal bite incidents can range from an actual physical bite or a potential exposure to a rabid animal, such as a bat being found in a room where individuals were sleeping. The Communicable Disease Unit will follow-up with individual(s) who are bitten or exposed to determine if treatment is needed and discuss appropriate next steps.

To report an animal bite or exposure during regular business hours, please call (248) 858-1286. If you are bitten or exposed after hours and need immediate assistance, please call 248-858-0931.

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Outbreak Investigation,

The Communicable Disease Unit is responsible for the detection of communicable disease outbreaks, investigation of reported suspect outbreaks, and providing the recommendations for outbreak control.

When an outbreak is detected or reported, the Communicable Disease Unit will partner with local, regional, and inter-agency partners, Michigan Department of Community Health, and Centers for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  during the course of the outbreak investigation.

If you wish to report a suspected outbreak of a communicable disease, please call (248) 858-1286.

Case Management,

The Communicable Disease Unit follows up on all reports of communicable disease illness. All cases are managed by a Communicable Disease Nurse who will contact the ill person or their guardian to gather information regarding:

  • When they first became ill
  • Where the person was exposed
  • Who or what was the ill person was exposed to that may have caused their illness

The Communicable Disease Nurse will also provide information regarding the reported disease, prevention measures needed to prevent further spread, and recommendations.

School Communicable Disease Reporting, For school exclusion rules, communicable disease related questions, information regarding outbreaks, or communicable disease reporting, call 248-858-1286.
Disease Surveillance ,

The Communicable Disease Unit is responsible for the surveillance of all reportable communicable diseases within the State of Michigan. As stated within the Michigan Public Health Code, physicians, laboratories, and primary care providers are required to report suspected or confirmed communicable disease illness to the local health department. Schools and daycare providers also report communicable disease illness in their facilities to the local health department.

If you are a local healthcare provider, school or daycare that is interested in participating in communicable disease reporting, please call (248) 858-1286.

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