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Senior Friendly Reassurance Services

Seniors who are living alone during this time may benefit from receiving a friendly, social call to help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

AARP Friendly Voices

Call: 888-281-0145

Alliance Senior Care

Call: 248-274-2170
Email: contact@allianceSRcare.com

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan

Call: 248-537-3300, Ext 3941
Email: rsvp@ccsem.org

Everlasting Care

Call: 734-686-8120
Email: info@everlastingcarellc.com

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers

Call: 586-757-5551

SAGE Metro Detroit serving LGBTQ Seniors

Call: 248-567-2363
Email: kwdukhie@sagemetrodetroit.org