Senior Advisory Council

Seniors are an important part of the Oakland County community. The Oakland County Senior Advisory Council (SAC) was formed to ensure Oakland County is a place where seniors have a high quality of life enriched by volunteering and other recreational, cultural and growth activities.

Mandate and purpose

  • To inform the County Executive on older adult needs and services
  • To identify gaps in the older adult network
  • To collaborate with organizations and centers serving Oakland County seniors
  • To increase awareness of the issues and concerns of Oakland County’s older adults

Goals and objectives

  • Provide education and outreach to older adults and their advocates.
  • Educate seniors by providing training with partner organizations.
  • Improve public awareness about the Senior Advisory Council.

The Oakland County Senior Advisory Council is a non-funded council established by the late L. Brooks Patterson, consisting of 23 members - one from each Commissioner’s district and four members-at-large. Council members are guided by their bylaws. The Council informs the County Executive of the needs and services required by the older adults in Oakland County and points out resource gaps in their districts.

Each year, the council members commit themselves to goals and strategies that help bring together the programs, services and supportive facilities already in place to help our older adults stay at home in Oakland County. As part of the strategic plan yearly goals are developed, including providing resources and opportunities to Oakland County's growing senior population. An annual meeting is held by the County Executive to inform the Board of Commissioners, elected officials, and public on the yearly accomplishments of the previous year.

Additional Info