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SAVE Task Force-Elder Abuse Prevention

Oakland County Save Task Force: Serving Adults who are Vulnerable and/or Elderly

The S.A.V.E Task Force (Serving Adults who are Vulnerable and/or Elderly) was launched in 2005 to increase awareness about elder abuse.

S.A.V.E has hosted several town hall meetings, published information, and conducted trainings for citizens and professionals who want to know more about identifying and reporting elder abuse.

Older adults who are vulnerable often do not have contact with institutions who can assist them in these situations, such as young people do in a school setting. Thus, we encourage medical professionals, clergy, neighbors, and friends to be alert and report suspected abuse and neglect.

If you suspect that someone is being abused or neglected, make an anonymous report to Adult Protective Services at 1-855-444-3911. If you are not sure, call and talk with a professional who can guide you.

The Oakland County Executive Office partners with the Oakland County Circuit Court and the Prosecutor's Office Elder Abuse Section to prosecute abuse and neglect of our vulnerable citizens. Other partners include Oakland County Adult Protective Services and Aging Network Providers.