Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

​How many teens are abusing prescription drugs?

As many as one in five teens say they have taken a prescription drug without having a prescription for it themselves.

Where are teens getting prescription drugs?

The majority of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from family and friends. Some teens will hand out or sell their own extra pills or pills they have stolen from someone else.

Why are teens abusing prescription drugs?

There are a number of reasons teens abuse prescription drugs, including to party, get high or to manage their lives. Specifically by prescription drug type:

  • Stimulants: to give them additional energy and focus for studying and taking tests.
  • Pain relievers: to cope with school, social, and emotional stress.
  • Amphetamines: to lose weight
  • Steroids: to bulk up

What are the risks of abusing prescription drugs?

Overdose and addiction are two risks of abusing prescription drugs. Relying on prescription medications early on, as a teenager, to manage or cope with life can set a teen up for a lifelong addiction to prescription drugs.

What can parents do?

  • Educate themselves about drugs and drug abuse.
  • Talk to their children about the dangers of prescription and other drug abuse.
  • Safeguard your homes and securely store prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Supervise their child's activities, know who their friends are and monitor their surroundings.
  • Be a role model - Do The Right Dose.


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