Active Living Network

The Active Living Network is focused on identifying and promoting physical activity resources, such as older adult exercise programs, worksite wellness opportunities, and youth-focused initiatives in Oakland County. The network's primary focus is promoting these assets to residents and visitors as ways to increase physical activity.

The results of the Active Living Network assessment will help develop of an online directory that will inform community members of nearby opportunities to engage in physical activity.

Network Initiatives

  • Create an inventory of physical activity opportunities in Oakland County.
  • Develop communication strategies to inform the community of available physical activity resources.
  • Engage the medical care system to improve referrals to available physical activity opportunities.

2022 Update

At the end of 2021, the Active Living Network identified a shared purpose and focus with Healthy Oakland Partnership (HOP). Members agreed to unite with Healthy Oakland Partnership to increase their ability to make a positive impact on access to physical activity and health living opportunities for Oakland County residents.  Current meetings, efforts, and activities can now be found on HOP’s website. 

Additional Info