Energizing Connections for Healthier Oakland (ECHO), convened by Oakland County Health Division, responds to community input to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities in Oakland County. It is overseen by an Advisory Council with representatives from hospitals, human services, behavioral health, higher education, businesses, parks and recreation, economic development, emergency response, community organizations, and elected officials.

2023 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

ECHO has launched the 2023 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan processes! We are getting input from community members to help understand what makes their community and Oakland County healthy and what is needed to make it healthy. Take the ECHO Community Health Survey

For Community Organizations and Partners- Help spread the word! 

We need your help to promote the Community Health Survey.  Here are tools we can provide to you to promote the community health survey in Oakland County: 

  • Content for an e-blast or newsletter to promote the CHA (including text and image) (Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese available)
  • Postcards with a QR code linked the survey (Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese available) 
  • Paper versions of the survey (Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese available)
  • Sample social media posts language and image 

We can also send a team member to attend community events and collect survey responses or promote the survey.  

To request materials, please email echo@oakgov.com.

2016 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

The ECHO Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was created by involving multiple voices and perspectives from the community. The CHIP is a blueprint to engage all sectors of the community in Oakland County. This is living document that will evolve using the results from the recently launched 2023 community health assessment efforts.  

The CHIP is a call to action for Oakland County. Every governmental agency, community organization, busiĀ­ness, and individual can play a role in improving the health of our community. This plan helps to align and link ongoing and future initiatives to make the best use of valuable resources. As you review the CHIP, consider how the goals and objectives align with your organization and how you intend to join this call to action. To get involved please contact ECHO at echo@oakgov.com.

CHIP Strategic Issues

ECHO organized the CHIP around five strategic issues prioritized from the data and information compiled from the Community Health Assessment (CHA). Each strategic issue has goals, objectives, and suggested actions that can empower those looking to participate. Additionally, there are measures to track progress and tables that describe alignments of CHIP objectives to state and national plans. Each strategic issue includes ideas for involvement and how to participate with ECHO and the improvement activities.  County residents, organizations, and businesses are actively engaged in working to make an impact on the health in Oakland County.

ECHO Partners plan, implement, and document the activities outlined in the CHIP. Four action teams were launched in September 2016 to facilitate and oversee CHIP activities.  Currently two of the action teams remain active.

ECHO reports and publications can be found here.