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Homeless Healthcare Collaboration

In August 2012, Oakland County Health Division convened a group of community partners who serve homeless and vulnerable populations to discuss their experiences, identify concerns, share ideas, and develop a plan to address the needs of these clients.  The initial discussion centered on the barriers that exist in obtaining/providing services to clients experiencing homelessness and actions this group could take to overcome these barriers. Basic needs such as lack of identification and transportation prevent clients from obtaining healthcare, housing, employment, education and other human services.

During the meetings, members received information on community organizations and resources through presentations, networking, and taskforce/partnership updates, as well as addressing homeless healthcare issues. Over 125 representatives from 70 different human service providers, housing agencies, mental health care providers, health care providers, and hospitals have attended the meetings.
Vision: To improve the health and well-being of persons experiencing homelessness in Oakland County.

Mission: Connecting community and health care organizations to coordinate resources for persons experiencing homelessness.

Under the Homeless Healthcare Collaboration, we have two task force groups and an ad-hoc committee:
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Hospital Transition Workgroup,

​Addressing the need of follow-up care for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, being discharged from the hospital, and/or frequent users of the emergency department.

Meeting Minutes

Identification (ID) Task Force,

A key barrier for people seeking employment, housing, utilities, medical care, and participation in essential programs and services that support a healthy and successful life is their inability to obtain legal identification. This may include state issued driver's license as well as other ID cards which help a person to access programs and services. Vital documents, such as a birth certificate, divorce papers, social security cards, are often additional documentation necessary to support this process.

The ID Task Force is a subgroup of the Homeless Healthcare Collaboration (HHC) dedicated to breaking barriers for individuals who do not have proper identification, which leads to the inability to receive services, secure a job, and open a bank account or vote. State agencies as well as human service agencies throughout Michigan identify barriers and possible solutions to ensure that those who are homeless have a realistic way to obtain identification documents.

We have partnered with a variety of groups that are working collectively to achieve this goal including:

Recent accomplishments include partnering with Oakland County Clerk, Lisa Brown, to implement a vital document fee reduction / waiver for people who are experiencing homelessness. This makes it easier for those with economic need to secure these vital documents from Oakland County without delay. It's been so successful that similar models have been implemented by other Michigan counties who participate in the ID Task Force.

We are also working with the Michigan Secretary of State on a pilot program to streamline the State ID process for people experiencing homelessness. Documents such as utility bills or a lease are impossible to produce for someone experiencing homelessness. This pilot allows for the use of some "exception" documents which meet the proof standard for legal presence but are accessible to the individual.  

If you would like to know more about the Homeless Healthcare Collaboration or the Identification Task Force or if you would like to participate in the monthly conference calls, please contact Kate Rettler at 248-452-5196 or rettlerk@oakgov.com.

2018 Meeting Minutes

Transportation Committee, Vision: Explore and promote transportation options for Oakland County
Mission: Collaborate with community partners to increase awareness and identify barriers of current transportation options for homeless and vulnerable populations in Oakland County.

In August 2017 the Transportation Task Force became an ad-hoc committee, and as such will convene when specific action items arise.  The listserve will remain active, and pertinent information will continue to be shared among members. 

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