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Supporting the Breastfeeding Relationship

Learn what to expect: normal newborn behaviors, feeding frequency, hunger cues, and signs of satiety (feeling full).

Attend a breastfeeding class with the breastfeeding or chest feeding person and encourage them to join a local breastfeeding support group (link to OCHD Supporting Breastfeeding Families flyer).

Practice skin to skin frequently. This allows the breastfeeding person to rest, take a shower, or eat a meal. Skin to skin is a great way to soothe an infant. It helps with bonding, establishing breastfeeding, and helps maintain infant’s warmth.

Assist with household care such as doing the dishes, cleaning the house, preparing a meal, running errands, or caring for other children.

Help with baby care other than feeding, such as bathing, diaper changes, soothing, and burping.

Play with the infant when they are not feeding like taking a walk, reading, singing, talking about objects around the house, or practicing tummy time.

Offer encouragement frequently.