Cold Weather Precautions Resources
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Cold Weather Precautions Resources

Take precautions against extreme cold! As temperatures drop, heat leaves your body quickly, which can result in hypothermia or frostbite. Both conditions can be life threatening.

You can take simple, common sense precautions to avoid cold-related health problems. While anyone can be affected by extreme cold, infants and elderly are particularly at risk, as are people with impaired circulation, asthma or cardiac problems. Check on senior neighbors and family members regularly when possible.

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Warming Centers,

**Call your local city, village, or township for additional information.**

Overnight Shelter Schedule

For Oakland and Macomb counties.

Welcome Inn

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Southfield
21575 West 10 Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48075

18 and older, warming center and rotating night shelter

Grace Centers of Hope

Openings in their emergency shelter, call 248-334-2187 for a spot.

Hope Warming Center

249 Baldwin
Pontiac, MI 48342

Low barrier shelter for 18 and up

Salvation Army


Community Housing Network

Warming center information for Oakland and Macomb counties.

 Contact Us

  • Nurse On Call: 1-800-848-5533
  • Call your CVT for additional services in your area.