Health Equity


Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) is committed to health equity and ensuring everyone has a fair opportunity to be healthy. We recognize there are many factors that influence a person's well-being, including access to fair paying jobs, quality education, safe and affordable housing, safe environments, healthy foods, and health care. In addition to these factors, we recognize that racism and other forms of discrimination greatly impact a person's opportunities and health outcomes. 

OCHD believes that our role in fostering health equity is to examine and track differences in health outcomes among Oakland County residents, dig deeper into the causes of these differences, and eliminate barriers causing inequities. We take a multi-layered approach to addressing inequity - developing programs to address and prevent disparities, as well as working farther upstream to address the structural drivers that generate poverty and other sources of disadvantage. By working to ensure that everyone has a chance for good health and well-being, we are helping to create a stronger, more resilient community for all residents.                 

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