Campus Energy Use

​The Oakland County Facilities Management (FM) Department is responsible for the provision of utility services to all our buildings. Recently, FM published its Energy Management Procedures in part to encourage energy conservation. A variety of conservation efforts are currently underway and our goal is to reduce total consumption by 15% from 2008 levels by the end of 2015. This will equate to a cost savings of several hundred thousand dollars a year going forward.
The Facilities Management Interactive Utility Map below is intended to show both utility usages by building and overall utility usage/costs for the entire campus. The campus is divided into three sections, each denoted by a different color. These colors can be viewed by clicking on the 'Show Legend' in the top right corner. The three sections are: East Campus, West Campus, and Off Campus. To view a report, just hover over any colored building and a small window will be displayed showing two tabs. The first tab will show building data (e.g., year built, square footage, etc.). The second tab will show five icons representing the five utilities we report for each building: Electricity, Water, Sewer, Gas and Steam (Oakland County has it own steam plant located on campus that generates and provides steam to most of the buildings on East Campus). To view the reports, hover over the building, go to the second tab, and click the text below the graphic that represents the utility you wish to view.

On the "Campus Reports" menu, there's also a sixth report in addition to the five on utilities: recycling. All six reports show totals for the entire campus. The "Campus Reports", as well the individual building reports, are updated and posted on the fifth day of each month.

The map below can be double clicked to zoom in on a particular point, or you can use the zoom bar to the left of the map to zoom in and out. You can also click and drag your mouse around the map to view different areas of the campus. As an added convenience to new visitors to the campus, there is a pull down menu at the top of the map entitled "Take Me To…" which lists all the buildings on and off campus for quick selection. Once a building is selected, the map automatically zooms to it.