Oakland County, Michigan/Facilities Management/Divisions/Facilities Planning & Engineering

Facilities Planning & Engineering

‚Äčbuilding1.gifThe Facilities Planning & Engineering (FPE) division is responsible for the Project Management of major construction and renovation projects undertaken by the County.  It oversees the cost estimating, planning, design, construction, inspections and testing of new County-owned facilities, roads, parking lots, and utilities.  

FPE is also responsible for design and construction management of interior renovation projects, design and coordination of furniture installation, and move management services for existing County buildings.  In addition, it performs planning for exterior building maintenance projects such as roofing, caulking, waterproofing, masonry restoration, window replacement, parking lots and sidewalks.

FPE prepares the five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), forecasts future County space needs, and prepares the Facility Master Plan, along with maintaining space allocation, assignment data and more than 12,000 facility record drawings and campus utility infrastructure records.  FPE also provides technical support to Facilities Management Administration and FM&O.